Born in a squat in Brixton, growing up in New Zealand and presently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Plum Green combines elements of folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock with her dark lyrical prose.  With a focus on crafting intimate live shows her performances are striking and uplifting.

Plum Green and her band recorded a full-length album at the all-analogue Sound Recordings studio in Castlemaine during the winter of 2017 which is scheduled for release January 2019, and have recently completed a two month tour of Europe.

Plum Green has released three E.Ps (Plum Green, The Red, Karma) and the albums Rushes and Sound Recordings.


“A true artist with a fantastic voice making music with a purpose beyond simple entertainment.Stunning”
New Zealand Musician Magazine

"walking a line between dark rock-edged material (channeling the spirit of Jim Morrison's poetics and Patti Smith) and mysterious folk-like ballads, Green rarely falls into the trap of the familiar..."
Graham Reid,

"sexuality with the scent of darkness and a twisted knife...Her songs are full of snakes and darkness and rain and emptiness and terror and paranoia."
Gary Steel,



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