Beyond the Sun

A section of a live performance of Amebix's Beyond the Sun.

Wait Here

From the album Rushes. Video by Emily Short

Review:  Rushes reviewed by Graham Reid
walking a line between dark rock-edged material (channeling the spirit of Jim Morrison's poetics and Patti Smith) and mysterious folk-like ballads (Ever Lasting Sleep), Green rarely falls into the trap of the familiar...  read more here

Interview:  New Zealand Musician Magazine
ideally what I’d like to do – just play as much as possible, and play as many places as possible. 
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Review:  Rushes reviewed in NZ Musician Magazine
I enjoyed ‘Rushes’ a lot: Green’s style is authentic, and a breath of fresh air away from the more usual manufactured pop. read more here

Review:  Rushes reviewed by Amplifier
brooding-yet-beautiful  read more here

Interview:  Go Veg Magazine
I enjoy making elaborate vegan desserts! read more here

Review:  The Red reviewed in New Zealand Musician Magazine
Charming, beguiling and very enjoyable to listen to read more here

Review:  The Red reviewed by Amplifier
There is so much to look forward to from Plum Green, both of the light and of the dark.
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