Born in a squat in Brixton, growing up in New Zealand, and presently creating and playing music in foreign lands, Plum Green has been awing audiences since the mid 2000's. 

"with a gift for crushing everyone's hearts into jelly", who "creates a rich atmosphere and yet also a feeling that is quite natural".

"Plum Green is one of the few people who can actually put on a show that doesn't feel like it's a 'show'... or 'put on' for that matter.  She is a mischievous sweetheart story teller and has a rare, bewitching hold over her audience. They are as if in a trance of admiration and adoration, intoxicated by her charisma and voice."

In late 2012 Plum released her debut album, 'Rushes', bringing together an eclectic collection of musicians to contribute to her songs – creating a captivating, unique album.  

Every bit of Rushes vision was crafted from the songwriters history of stunning imagery.  

Karma, recorded in Melbourne, Australia was released in 2016 on Vinyl, CD and digitaly. The all-analogue Sound Recordings was released in early 2019 following a debut two month tour of Europe.

Lions in Darkness EP will be released in September 2019.

Plum's previous releases include Rushes (2012), The Red E.P. (2010) and Plum Green E.P. (2008).